My Journey to Cloud Nine: 90 Podcasts 90 Days

  1. Career Warrior with Chris Villanueva of Let’s Eat, Grandma

  2. The Open Heart Collective with Phillip Ryan Block

  3. Scratch Your Own Itch with Logan Tyler Nelson

  4. Young and D.U.M.B. with Gary Pershad and Justin Nguyen of GetChoGrindUp

  5. 1Nation Radio with John Gora

  6. The #AskJoel Show with Joel Wolh

  7. Value Through Vulnerability with Garry Turner

  8. The Grind with Carl Dunn

  9. Elite Wire with Annie Jennings

  10. 12Minute Convos with Engel Jones

  11. Applying Awareness with Adam French

  12. Social Impactors with Avery Konda

  13. Selling Local Podcast with Dale Dupree

  14. EveryDay Leaders with Melahni Ake

  15. Emerging Entrepreneur Podcast with Tony McGehee

  16. Fitness Blitz Podcast with Eric Malzone

  17. The Cannoli Coach with Kimberly Hambrick

  18. Perfect Imbalance with Jeff Weigh

  19. Talking Forests with Candra Burns

  20. Next Action Podcast with Brian Wallace

  21. Conversation with David McGlennen

  22. The Happy Mindset with Denis Murphy

  23. Vidya Voice with Daniel DioGuardi

  24. GOAT Wrestling Perseverance with David Swanson

  25. Screw the Naysayers with Tim Alison

  26. The Business Blast Podcast with Tyler Wagner

  27. The Inspiring Talk with Bijay Gautam

  28. Business Minutes Podcast with Joshua Lee

  29. Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will with Sarah Elkins

  30. The Mark Struczewski Podcast with Mark Struczewski

  31. 5 Minute Success with Karen Briscoe

  32. Why Can’t You? with David Bryson

  33. 6 Degrees or Less with Seth McColley

  34. Getting Unstuck with Jeff Ikler and Kirsten Richert

  35. Work From The Inside Out with Tammy Gooler Loeb

  36. The Zack Scriven Podcast with Zack Scriven

  37. Create. Change. Collaborate. with Daniel Francavilla

  38. Resurgence - Rise & Conquer with Rohit Kaul

  39. Business Growth Time with Janet E. Johnson and Terry Bean

  40. Strange on Purpose with Eric Didier

  41. Just Get Started with Brian Ondrako

  42. LinkedIn Leaders with Heather Parady

  43. The Divine Breadcrumb with Deb Sorensen and Carol Campos

  44. Franchise Euphoria with Josh Brown

  45. Joes to Pros with Joey Utah

  46. Learning From Others with Damon Burton

  47. The Change Journals with Tracy Winchell

  48. Better Humans with Matt East of Matt East & Company

  49. Human Conversations with Jules White

  50. The Daily Grind with Colin Morgan

  51. One Last Thought with Ido Singer

  52. Beyond 6 Seconds with Carolyn Kiel

  53. Chat with Ronan Leonard

  54. The Great I Am with Trevor Maloney

  55. Stars of Learning with Jyothi G

  56. ktalks with Krista Mollion

  57. Inspired Business Magic with Mimi Velilla

  58. Better Wealth with Caleb Guilliams

  59. Myers Mindset with Erik Myers

  60. Overcoming Odds with Oleg Lougheed

  61. Hacks & Hobbies with Junaid Ahmed

  62. The Afterword Part 1 with Holland Webb and Amy Bowlin

  63. The Afterword Part 2 with Holland Webb and Amy Bowlin

  64. Car Thoughts with David Calvert

  65. Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone with Brian Prendergast and Christine Conti

  66. Own Your Awkward with Andy Vargo

  67. Reboots with Tracy Winchell

  68. The Successful Network with Nikola Ivanov

  69. Failing Up with Brandon LaBella

  70. Chat #2 with Ronan Leonard

  71. I am CEO with Gresham Harkless

  72. A Day In The Life with Krista Bo and Mat Po

  73. 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo Higgins

  74. Show with Ben Baker


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Jordan Gross is a writer, leadership coach, speaker, and multipotentialite. Jordan is a trailblazer for positive change, optimism, and the belief that our daily actions can help us all overcome stress and anxiety.

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