My Coaching Approach

I guide people to their cloud nine lives by helping them discover their true passions and purpose. By designing a creative, intensive, and fun process, I have guided people in overcoming uncertainty and discovering what it truly is that brings them meaning and fulfillment. 


  1. 30-minute phone call discussing the cloud nine questions in the work book

  2. You fill out the workbook by crafting stories with as much detail as possible

  3. I go through the workbook and determine your cloud nine life statement

  4. 45-minute call discussing your statement and 1 significant change you will make in your life

  5. A gift from me!

Duration: Less than 1 month! 

I have worked with people at Google, Amazon, and various startup companies on behavioral leadership change and executive career coaching, I have spoken on hundreds of podcasts, in libraries, at conferences, and in high schools around the country, and I am a top contributing writer on LinkedIn and Medium in the areas of Leadership, Self-Improvement, Inspiration, Business, and Personal Development. 

I believe that uncovering your Cloud Nine life means stepping outside the norm, separating from the pack, and becoming the pilot of your own plane. 

If you want to work with me to uncover your Cloud Nine life, send me a personal email at

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Eduardo Gaitan

“Jordan challenged me to think more about how I approached the minor every day decisions in my life . We often forget that the choices we make, no matter how small or insignificant, add up. I am now more conscious and thoughtful when approaching new problems or decisions and have found that over time my decision making instincts have greatly improved.” - Eduardo Gaitan, Operations Specialist at Google


Jordan Ross

“Jordan Gross is AWESOME. Jordan has shown to be an amazing coach, mentor and leader. His unique approach to life and business allowed me to change my approach to my business and begin a new venture within my company. This gave me hope in a time of darkness in my professional career. “ - Jordan Ross, Area Manager at Amazon

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Justin Lafazan

“Before working with Jordan, I never thought to hire a coach. But Coach J helped provide exposure to me of leadership growth opportunities I did not even know existed, which pushed me to develop a better self-understanding and implement new habits to positively influence my team. Jordan’s coaching provided me a new perspective on my role as a leader, helping me feel more connected to our organization’s mission and my purpose on our journey.” - Justin Lafazan, Co-Founder of Next Gen Summit, Voted a Top 20 Conference by Inc. Magazine 5 years in a row

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