The Journey to Cloud Nine Book:

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Jerry is a depressed older gentleman blocked off from the rest of the world by a barrage of pillows surrounding his bed. His live-in nurse, Martin, makes his daily attempt to connect with a practically speechless man, but his efforts are futile. When Martin exits the room, through a process called, “cloud time” that Jerry learned as a child, Jerry has a visualized experience that takes him on an expedition through the clouds. While Jerry’s real-time body restlessly tosses and turns in his bed, switching his gaze between the barren wall and the outside world, his mind juxtaposes the bitter realities of his actual life - a life defined by isolation, and the expectations of society and the people around him - with his Cloud Nine life: a life defined by hope, and the choices he could have made based on his gut, his heart, and his intuition.

This book provides a unique new spin on the world of personal growth and development. Rather than specifically tell the reader what to do like the traditional self-help model, this book allows the reader to interpret which characteristics and experiences are necessary for them to live a Cloud Nine life. Through captivating storytelling and lovable characters, The Journey to Cloud Nine is exactly what you need to understand how to live a life of meaning and purpose.

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Getting COMFY: Your Morning guide to daily happiness

My first book provides an implementable strategy to get comfortable in your own skin, then deliberately get outside your comfort zone, and finally get COMFY with the un-COMFY!